Monday, October 1, 2007

Thing 14

I've done all the activities with Technorati, but I haven't been very successful in doing the word searches. I found there were 26,489 blog posts for learning 2.0. That can't be right. I found the top searches and top blogs lists, but can't figure out how to search them. I'll try again. I really had forgotten to do this thing.

thing 9

I got help to find that I really had created a blogline in thing 8, I just wasn't able to add Merlin to it. She helped me do that, so now it is there.

Thing 8- bloglines

I thought I created a blogline for myself, but it didn't work. I forgot to post that I had done it. This was a very frustrating exercise, and I didn't have help available that day.

Thing 6

I did this a long time ago but forgot to blog it. I liked the librarian trading cards.

thing 2 - 7 habits of life-long learning

I did this one a long time ago, but forgot to post it once I had created my blog site. The easiest habit for me is the first one - to begin with an end in mind. The hardest one is to have confidence in myself as a competent, effective learner.

Brown Thrasher - thing 5 flickr

Brown Thrasher 01
Originally uploaded by ltshears
I saw one of these this weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thing 23

At last I have completed it! It was an intersting experience learning about such a variety of internet tools. My home branch gave me time to work on it, but I also worked at home, since I only work 8 hours a week.
My favorite experience was creating a search tool with Rollyo. I was able to do it without asking for help, and it actually worked!
Doing the 23 things helped me with my goal of learning more ways to use the computer.
One unexpected outcome of the program was finding a practical use for the Rollyo I created. I can look up information about upcoming bird walks by just going to one sight.
Future courses like this could be improved by having more(some) feedback when we finish each task. Also, I would appreciate some review or a print copy to refer to to refresh my memory.
Since I work so few hours, I probably won't participate in another program like this because of time restraints. I enjoyed doing it.
I learned a lot from this program, but I'm not sure I'll retain it. These things need to be used constantly to be really learned.